September 22, 2009

Greater Chinese Prosperity Zones

New York is the scene for a blizzard of China pow wows as President Hu Jintao met with the new Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama and President Obama. Hatoyama waxed eloquently about turning the East China Sea into a "sea of fraternity" and proposing the creation of an East Asian Community based on the EU model. Hu invited Hatoyama to Beijing for a regional summit in December.

Meanwhile Obama and Hu met again on the sidelines of the UN and made no mention of recent trade disputes. Both reiterated with little enthusiasm the desire for cooperation. Obama will visit China in November.....

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Very thoughtfull post on prosperity .It should be very much helpfull.

Karim - Creating Power
i'm too am having a powerful positive "butterfly" thought on prosperity and china. given this beautiful "1000 blooming flower" campaign moment and rightful insight, i hope we can all sing happy folk songs and dance like cultural revolutionary students with a cleasened mindset. what would Mao do?
Photo sums it up. 'After you, No after you'. Obama looks perturbed. He better get used to playing musical chairs with the Chinese.
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