September 09, 2010

What Happened to the China Collapse Call?

Stephen Green of Standard Chartered Bank (Shanghai), an expert in China's stock markets, writes in Bloomberg that China is returning to a "Sweet Spot" for foreign investment as the Chinese economy is neither too hot nor too cold. China may see an influx of $100 billion (US dollars) in FDI this year.

Morgan Stanley's Chief Economist for China Qing Wang (he replaced Andy Xie) calls it the "Goldilocks Scenario" and has advised for some time that Beijing's mandarins are skilled at using the right policy tools at the right time and have succeeded so far in avoiding hyperinflation and any crash including it appears a property bubble.

If China is Goldilocks what about the Bears that said China was too hot/cold and ready to crash? Mark Faber, Jim Chanos, and others may have some explaining to do if China doesn't disintegrate soon...

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Yes and don't forget that Andy Xie also said China was a bubble waiting to pop a real change of tune on his part. He is bearish now too.
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