November 11, 2009

All Eyes On Asia

A week of Asian summits begins tomorrow with the APEC 2009 meeting in Singapore and President Obama's first official junket to China with stops in Shanghai and Beijing. Chinese President Hu is already in Singapore celebrating close ties with the independent Chinese city-state that oversees the world's most precarious shipping choke point. During APEC Hu will meet with Taiwan President Ma's envoy Lien Chan, Kuomintang Party chairman.

In Beijing Obama will have his first official state visit with Chinese Communist Party leaders and already in the USA various right wing interests are pushing for Obama to confront the "ChiComs" with their pet issues such as "human rights" and the need to forcibly appreciate the Chinese currency. Word is Obama will pressure Beijing on climate change. Here's an idea: rather than try fruitlessly to get China to accept sweeping agreements to regulate CO2 emissions and accept Western nation mandates about global warming why not agree to explore a program for both the USA and China to reduce reliance on coal for electric power generation?....

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let the impotent right wing americans brood, scream, and stew in envy with their silly "chicom" affronts.

how many "human rights" abusive liberal law enforcement cops in the land of the free?

all eyes expect oba mao will improve relations and most importantly like a great helmsman, grind down more of stupid social workers in the very very dangerous land of allah.

vive le republique of china et backwoods of america
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