April 10, 2009

China Slowdown Slows Down

The pace of decline in some leading economic indicators for China such as trade balance is lessening leading some forecasters to believe the bottom may have been reached in the Chinese economy. While exports to all major Chinese markets continued to drop in the 1st Quarter the USA remains the strongest market with a decline of -14.9% versus over -16% for Japan and over -22% for the EU, China's number 1 market.

Some other indicators for China: March 2009 trade balance: Exports $90.3 billion; Imports $71.7 billion; surplus $18.6 billion / Export growth -17.1%; Import growth -25.1% // Jan-Feb 2009 Industrial Output: 3.8% // Jan-Feb 2009 Retail Sales growth: 15.2% // February 2009 Producer Price Index: -4.5% // February 2009 FDI inflows: $5.8 billion...

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