February 13, 2009

Clinton Signals China Policy Back at State Department

USA Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will make her first state visit to East Asia starting Sunday. She will visit the "allied democracies" (satellites) Japan and South Korea, Indonesia, and China (not in that order). Clinton has already made it clear that in the Obama administration China policy will be a "comprehensive dialogue" believed by some to be a stab at the George Bush and Hu Jintao founded Strategic Economic Dialogue. Indications are the SED will continue as an important series of meetings but not dominate US-China relations. Various competiting interests want to guide Clinton in her China focus. The prestigious Asia Society wants climate change to be the focus. Taxpayer funded "human rights" groups want to press Beijing's feet to the fire on "democracy" and Tibet.

But Clinton's remarks at the Asia Society gathering today in Manhattan indicate that she and her boss President Obama are starting off with a pragmatic and positive note on China. Earlier today Clinton said: "Now, some believe that China on the rise is, by definition, an adversary. To the contrary, we believe that the United States and China can benefit from and contribute to each other’s successes," adding:

"Even with our differences, the United States will remain committed to pursuing a positive relationship with China, one that we believe is essential to America’s future peace, progress, and prosperity. "

Watch Clinton's remarks at the Asia Society...

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