September 13, 2010

Chinese Communist Party Africa Tour

A Chinese Communist Party (CPC) delegation will visit three African countries this week to attend party conferences first in Ethiopia then Malawi and South Africa. The delegation is led by Zhang Xuan, the deputy secretary of the Chongqing Municipal CPC Committee. Ms. Zhang is also an alternate member of the 17th Party Congress on the national level. Zhang is active with the Communist Youth League and could be a rising female star in the party. The tour is at the invitation of political parties in all three countries including the African National Congress. Whether the delegation includes any deal-making is unknown....

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She was head of organizing of Chonqqing Chinese Communist Youth League in '80s. Youth League is dominate faction now. Xi Jinping is a princeling, he willnot become Presidnet. the 18 party Congress will be big change.
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