September 09, 2010


Vice President Xi Jinping responded to criticism of "buy China" bias in Chinese government procurement and China's near decade long foot-dragging on agreeing to the Word Trade Organization's Goverment Procurement Agreement (GPA) - a requirement of China's WTO accession protocol - telling reporters in Beijing that "with regard to government purchases and construction projects, the Chinese government will adopt an open, transparent plan to let foreign companies and technological products enjoy equal treatment."

In October it is believed Beijing will restart talks toward China signing the WTO GPA. Regular readers know this is a hugely important negotiation to watch. If the USA and EU can compel China to own up to its WTO commitments regarding government procurement it could potentially open the biggest market of all for exports to China. The possibility of competing for Chinese infrastructure and technology projects could help give President Obama's neglected "National Export Initiative" a chance for success...

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