March 02, 2010

They have the deepest fidelities to family ties

"...and the fullest affection for their children. They work harder and more hours than any race in the world. True, they are superstitious beyond belief, but they have a vivid sense of humor. They are courageous, as witness the armies they have created. They are highly acquisitive, and one need have little fear that this great mass will ever be communists for long."

Former USA President Herbert Hoover (1929-1933) on the Chinese people. Hoover moved to China in 1899 with his new bride to be foreign adviser to the Chinese Ministry of Mines and agent for the Chinese state-owned Chinese Engineering and Mining Company. They lived in Tianjin during the Boxer Rebellion. Lyons, Eugene. Herbert Hoover A Biography. New York: Reader's Digest Association, 1947.

what do the communist government gooks call child protective services, family court, and "domestic disturbance" police in china?

confussious say,

"better to have wok stolen and melted down under mao than first born son kidnapped by child molesting cops."
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