March 15, 2010

China to Develop Deep Water Chittagong Port

Newspapers in India are reporting that Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will seek Beijing's support for a massive $8.7 billion (US dollars) development of Chittagong Port. Hasina will begin a 5 day visit to China on Wednesday at the invitation of Chinese PM Wen Jiabao. Word is Hasina will visit the new highway in Yunnan Province that may someday connect via Myanmar all the way to Chittagong in Bangladesh. There is also a railroad planned.

China is already working on port projects in Chittagong. The China Harbour Engineering Group or CHEC builds container terminals there. CHEC is the world's largest maker of quayside cranes and other port heavy machinery. CHEC remains state-owned but is slowly corporatizing. In 2004 its dredging businesses were spun off as public companies.

Connecting Yunnan and southwest China to a major deep water port at Chittagong will give China access to the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean avoiding the Straits of Malacca....

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