March 25, 2010

Beijing Rockers Revive Chinese Grunge

Last weekend the SXSW (South by Southwest) music festival in Austin, Texas, featured a China Night with rock bands from Beijing mostly -- Carsick Cars in particular was a hit. While nearly all China is saturated with bubble bands and American Idol knock-offs, Beijing tries to retain its gritty grunge from the '80s. Even today Cui Jian and other ethnic Korean-Chinese rockers still define rock music in China's capital. When I first visited China ten years ago the music scene was definitely more eclectic and active. While there are certainly more and bigger music clubs now live music is not the norm. But according to some observers Beijing may rock in 2010. You can check out the Beijing based rockers during the Chinese Invasion Tour 2010 put together by music producer Maybe Mars, founded by American expat Michael Pettis of Beijing. Here in San Diego, California, you can catch them at Brick by Brick....


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