February 10, 2010

West China Opens High Speed Rail

Over the weekend the new Zhengzhou (capital of Henan Province) to Xi'An (capital of Shaanxi Province) high-speed rail opened cutting the the travel time between the cities to just 2 hours. Both cities are considered "Tier 2" cities, that is big developed urban cores with above average GDP and population growth rates but not yet at the "developed world" levels of China's "Tier 1" megalopolises such as Shanghai, Beijing, and the Pearl River delta. This year Beijing will invest around $100 billion (US dollars) on high speed railways delighting domestic suppliers and foreign partners Siemens, Alstom, and Bombardier. Already China has the world's second largest railroad system after the USA. By 2020, the Chinese high-speed rail network will link every province and region with 18,000 kilometers (over 11,000 miles) of railways.....

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