February 05, 2010

Trade War: China Anti-Dumping Duties on US Chicken

The latest tit-for-tat move in China trade is the announcement by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce that the USA is dumping chicken parts on China. Anti-dumping duties up to 105% will be levied in a preliminary assessment. You will recall last year the USA banned poultry imports from China in the first big spending bill signed by President Obama. In 2008 the USA exported around $800 million (US dollars) of chicken parts to China and accounted for almost three quarters of the Chinese market. Since that time US exports have risen. The impact of the new Chinese tariffs will hit the profits of American poultry businesses such as Tyson Foods.

Meanwhile Beijing has filed a dispute settlement with the WTO over the EU anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese made footwear saying the EU never removed quota restrictions on Chinese imports after China acceeded to the WTO....

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