February 08, 2010

Iran Says China Top Trade Partner

The Iran-China Chamber of Commerce says that China is Iran's top trading partner over the EU when factoring in transhipments from China via the UAE. Using that calculation Iran-China trade is valued at over $36 billion (US dollars). Officials in Tehran and Islamabad are openly seeking Chinese involvement in the delayed "IPI" gas pipeline project that would deliver Iranian gas from the South Pars fields to Islamabad, Pakistan, and on to New Delhi, India. India has backed off the deal and for nearly 2 years Pakistan's president Pervez Musharraf has said why not make it the "IPC" pipeline where the C stands for China. Islamabad is only 400 kilometers or so (less than 250 miles) from Pakistan-China border and it might be possible to link the pipeline with the Karakoram Highway transit corridor currently under expansion by Chinese investment....

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