February 18, 2010

The Deceiver of Dharamsala

It seems a waste of bandwidth to weigh in (once again) on the latest publicity stunt of the Dalai Lama but "His Holiness" is a media darling and I feel compelled to put his visit to the White House in perspective: It means nothing except that the fundraising party circuit in Washington DC is even more unctuous than usual.

The Dalai Lama is a very influential political figure and a fixture of an international celebrity party circuit that sees him as a self-help guru. Lamaism is not Buddhism and neither is the Dalai Lama buddhist. He drinks alcohol, eats meat, and maintains many positions such as anti-gay that his otherwise politically correct crowd should find abhorrent. To Chinese he is a tool of the American government in its now more muted quest to change China. The Dalai Lama and his entourage of Tibet exile elites and their descendents live lavishly off the donations of morally righteous Westerners in stark contrast to the slums and squalor of his adopted home Dharamsala in India.

If you want a full sense of the Dalai Lama's ghoulish character read my earlier posts on him and Tibet here.

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How dare you! Shame. The Dalai Lama would bless you and wish you peace even if he knew, and I am sure he is unaware of your sad little blog site with all its "0" comments. Tibetans are bravely survining genocide. You disgust me.
four reasons why mao's red army has not put a bullet hole in the head of his holiness:

1) not an effectvive subversive.

2) everyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that crazy people wear towels in public.

3) vision is obscured since the whining mountain idiot wears glasses.

4) holy brotherhood is the organization of police patrols.

sinomania should post a picture of the impotent pious priest pooping in private as well as in public.
gee ANOTHER uneducated, unread, unrealistic Chinese Part follower....Long Live the COMING Revolution when the masses take over from the thieving, lying, corrupt, Party Officials...
Anonymous, you do realize that the bourgeoisie won in China? Deng Xiaoping crushed the last vestiges of revolutionary China by 1993. If you have interesting reading that suggests otherwise, do share.
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