December 10, 2009

BYD e6 EV Coming to LA Freeways

Henry Li, a senior director at BYD Auto, said in an interview with Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal that Los Angeles was top of the list for locations in the USA to debut the e6 electric vehicle (EV) next year. BYD (10% owned by famed investor Warren Buffet) has plans to bring the e6 EV to America ahead of competitors.

Called the "Volt Killer" by auto wags, the e6 is a fully electric car. The Chevy Volt, when (if?) it rolls out will be a hybrid.

If selected LA would be lead market for the autos and headquarters for BYD. With domestic EV startups such as Tesla Motors planning assembly in the greater LA region, southern California could propel a renaissance of the auto industry....

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