December 01, 2009

China Trade Conundrum

Politicians of so-called developed nations bemoan the ever growing trade deficits with China that cause damage at the national level and do everything they can to retard Chinese imports. But on the ground many work to the opposite effect and want more China trade to reap the benefits of expanded jobs and fees associated with processing and distributing Chinese goods.

Just today officials at the St. Louis, Missouri, international airport approved a multimillion dollar deal with air cargo firm Aeroterm to develop an air freight center for China trade in hopes of turning St. Louis into the "Midwest China Hub", a logistics center for heartland America. Across the globe in Shanghai and Ningbo, officials from the Port of Le Havre, France -- that nation's biggest container port -- are visiting Chinese shipping companies to secure even more trade and are planning a major logistics and distribution center for Chinese goods entering Europe.

So when national governments complain about increasing Chinese imports attention should be focused as much - if not more - at home.....

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