December 09, 2009

100 Million Overseas Chinese Tourists by 2020

Beijing made tourism a "pillar" of the Chinese economy in the 11th 5-year plan that ends next year. At the recent central government Work Conference on the economy, support for developing the tourism industry was stressed. It is expected that 40 million Chinese will travel outside the confines of the People's Republic in 2010 and head for Asia first followed by Europe and America. By 2020 100 million Chinese tourists are predicted to travel outside China.

The Pacific island nation Fiji just opened a travel bureau in Shanghai and Fiji is banking on more Chinese tourists coming to the island paradise via new air service from Hong Kong on Air Pacific and partner Cathay Pacific Airlines. For the year Fiji is hoping for 11,000 visitors from China.

In the USA Chinese tourists spent an average $7,200 per person according the US Commerce Department. The Chinese rep for the New York Travel Bureau said the agency was expecting an increase in Chinese visitors who often come to shop. In Beijing today, Canadian Prime Minister announced that Canada was declared an "approved" outbound destination for Chinese travelers, a designation that will make it easier for Chinese to get visas and arrange outbound travel....

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