November 17, 2009

NATO-China Relationship Expanding?

A week ahead of Obama's China tour, the deputy secretary-general of NATO Claudio Bisogniero visited Beijing and met Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Zhang Zhijun and senior Chinese Communist Party government officials. Bisogniero said "NATO and China should work together to meet common challenges," specifically Afghanistan.

Meanwhile opposition is building to the Afghanistan conflict in key NATO nations with dickering back and forth over whether Obama's man in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, really needs 40,000 additional troops. The US Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry is openly against a surge in troops. Public support is already against the war in key NATO states the UK, Germany, and Canada. Yet NATO says it will not leave until its job is done.

Yesterday in Beijing, Presidents Obama and Hu met behind closed doors and discussed (among other hot button issues) Afghanistan which shares a small border with China west of the Karakoram Highway. According to the joint official statement of that meeting the USA and China support the efforts to combate terrorism in Afghanistan. Could a role for China in NATO's occupation of Afghanistan finally be underway?....

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And we won’t come home til its over over there.

By the gook looks given to Obama by uniformed Elite Imperial Republican Guard soldiers during the USA president’s official review of Chinese troops, I’d expect to see many of the ambitious oriental career cadre crippled, humiliated, and burned in the very very dangerous land of Allah.

And we won’t come home til its over over there.
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