November 06, 2009

China Tops Korea in Shipbuilding

For the first time China's shipbuilding production will soon outpace (South) Korea to be the world's number 1 producer of ships. Chinese shipbuilders have just under 55 million gross tons on backorder and will soon account for nearly 35% of global market share for shipbuilding. In 2008 Chinese output totaled 28.81 deadweight tons. Leading shipbuilders include China State Shipbuilding Corporation and Dalian New Shipbuilding Heavy Industry (DNS) operators of two of the world's biggest shipyards. Centers of shipbuilding in China are Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian (Liaoning Province), Guangzhou, and Wuhan - all areas with long histories of making vessels of all shapes and sizes. Beijing announced this spring a program to encourage consolidation in the industry that may result in mergers and acquisitions in the medium future....

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