October 02, 2009

US-China Electric Vehicle Forum

A brief and practically unreported conference ended earlier this week in Beijing. Dubbed the US-China Electric Vehicle Forum it brought together scientists and government officials from both countries to discuss collaboration towards electric vehicles or EVs. David Sandalow, assistant Energy Secretary for the USA told American reporters after the meeting "the Chinese are well positioned to be global leaders in the electric vehicle industry" and warned that America needed to invest heavily in new technology. Chinese carmaker BYD, the darling of famed American investor Warren Buffett, is already well on its way to mass producing a line of EVs. But Jody Freeman, an adivsor to the White House on energy and climate change matters, stressed that the USA and should work together.

Meanwhile the executive over GM's Chevrolet Volt program, Bob Kruse, is leaving GM. The Chevrolet Volt, meant to the be the savior of GM and the first mass produced EV in the USA will be a hybrid and its release date has been pushed now to December 2010....

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