October 21, 2009

Open Thread - Sinomania! on Assignment

Sinomania! is on assignment for the next few days around United Nations Day. Talk away! Keep it clean and serious, please. Suggested topics: Aksai Chin, nanotechnology, eco-tourism, moon colonization, nation state versus alpha city, Kashgaria and Kashmir. Got anything to say?....


good job, love the site
i would love to see more about China in relation to Australian iron ore, etc

and how is china's nanotechnology at the moment?
need sinomanias insight on:

1) commie red china moles inside democratic party of japan DPJ - the governing elected elite

2) commie red china influenced zealots inside japan's bureaucracy

3) collapse of status quo in japan-american military/diplomacy relations

4) BPMA stock and other market picks

5) "Keep it clean" suggestions are neither serious or effective, especially during a reign of terror. The great helmsman chairman Mao's most effective measures were offensively enforced for the amusement of a howling mob.

6) status of red army occupation of badakhshan, province of afghanistan boardering china. remeber zero us soldiers have died or been wounded in this valuable region.

1) see your therapist abour red under the bed.

2) see your therapist

3) see your therapist

4) see your therapist

5) see your therapist

6) did i say, see your therapist?
the last therapist i saw had a nervous breakdown.
no wonder

india's sabre rattling these days has more to do old retired generals working for american defence corps trying to secure big arms purchases
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