September 17, 2009

Will California Make Chinese Cars?

Alameda County, California, supervisors arranged a visit this week by an unnamed Chinese delegation to the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc., (NUMMI) plant in silicon valley. The plant currently produces Toyota Camrys Corollas and Tacomas but will shut down in March, closing the last of California's auto manufacturing businesses. Toyota is pulling out since its partner GM quit the joint venture earlier this year. No details are given of the Chinese visit but word from the county is that other delegations are planned including a group from Korea. The NUMMI plant began as a GM factory but closed in 1982 only to reopen in 1984 when the partnership with Toyota was formed.

Meanwhile Chinese auto companies continue to entertain overseas expansion with news that Geely may bid for Volvo and be in talks with Magna to jointly run GM's European division, Opel. And Beijing Automotive (which unsuccessfully bid on Opel) is now interested in Saab.....

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NUMMI produces Toyota Camrys???


Check your "facts" again:
Thank you for your clarification, anonymous. The post has been corrected.
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