September 08, 2009

What Laura Ling and Euna Lee Didn't Report

Missing from all the coverage of the arrest and imprisonment of US journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee along the frozen banks of the Tumen River between North Korea and China is any mention, let alone discussion, of the Greater Tumen Initiative. Underway this week in Changchun, China, capital of Jilin Province, is the 5th NorthEast Asia Economic Cooperation Forum. High level talks are taking place between China, Russia, Mongolia, North and South Korea, on the long-range plans to develop the Tumen River area that forms the border between China, North Korea, and Russia, into a major crossroads for trade and potentially open up North Korea. The Greater Tumen Initiative is a UN sponsored entity and around it are a host of development projects that aim to develop a seaport for central and northern Manchuria close to the population and energy centers of the Russian Far East. It is an important region to watch as it is ripe for transformation....

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