September 23, 2009

Sarah Palin: China Makes People Nervous

With much fanfare and behind closed doors, Sarah Palin delivered the keynote address to the CLSA China Forum in Hong Kong today. CLSA is an investment arm of French financial giant Credit Agricole. Palin's speech was promised as a discussion on China but from most accounts it was a banal recap of accepted China policy positions in the US regardless of party affiliation.

On one hand Palin said "China rightfully makes a lot of people nervous" and paid lip service to the usual "human rights" targets (Tibet and now Xinjiang) yet she also said the USA should be "more open to Chinese investment." To validate her neo Reagan-Thatcher free market beliefs she criticized Obama's punitive tariffs on Chinese tires. The text of her speech is not available at this time....

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Her drama would have been more avidly accepted by asian men had she been dressed in an innocent highschool student unifom, pigtails, and repeatedly wiggled like an excited cheerleader.
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