September 28, 2009

Half a Billion on the Move for "Golden Week"

Chinese television is reporting that over 500 million people will travel throughout the nation during the National Day "Golden Week." China has two "Golden Weeks" - week long national holidays - one at Chinese New Year (still officially called Spring Festival) and one around National Day (the Chinese equivalent of July 4 for Americans). For the first time mainland Chinese may travel to Taiwan (the government on Taiwan still observes the "double ten" anniversary or October 10 that commemorates the Wuchang uprising against the Qing Dynasty).

This year's Golden Week is special as it is the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic. New China has now cycled through all the elements of the Chinese calendar and is back where it began in 1949 in the hard working year of the Earth Ox....

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congratulations to all the ambitious social workers, expensive bureaucrats, and prominent sychophants of new china campaign.

proud mao purge won

vive le terror
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