September 09, 2009

China Says No AF-PAK & Expanded US Embassy in Pakistan

The contest between American and Chinese interests is now heating up in north Pakistan. Completely ignored by Anglo-American mainstream media, the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Luo Zhaohui expressed Beijing's concern over the expansion plans for the USA embassy in Islamabad over the weekend. Ambassador Luo said also that China opposes the use of "AF-PAK" to refer to the region, pointing out Pakistan's sovereignty. It is an interesting point to make considering that the recent rename of Pakistan's volatile Northern Areas to Gilgit-Baltistan some commenters believe is to ensure the safety of Chinese development in the region specifically the rail/road improvements along the Karakoram Highway and hydrolectric dam projects in the works.

Ambassador Luo also revealed that China will assist Pakistan in launching a satellite....

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What would Chairman Mao or General Washington do?

Send uniformed communist noodle eaters to fight pentagon's phony army of misfit cadres.

Together China and USA militaries can hunker down behind the wire as local warlords vilify the descendants of Mao and Washington.
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