July 24, 2009

Reunification Watch: Quemoy Demilitarized as Sea, Air Links Begin

Airlines in China and Taiwan are awaiting approvals for regular passenger services to replace the current charter flights. When the green light is given, 270 passenger flights a week will link Taiwan with most major cities in China. Cross straits flights are expected to begin at the end of August. By sea, passenger-cargo service has begun from Fuzhou, Fujian, to Keelung, Taiwan, with Xiamen, Fujian, to Kaohsiung, Taiwan on the way.

Meanwhile the island of Quemoy or Kinmen is removing its old beach barricades, a legacy of the many battles in the 1950s between "Communist" China and "Nationalist" China and its backer the USA. The demilitarization of Quemoy/Kinmen comes in time for a mass swim planned for August 15 between Xiamen and the island!

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It has nothing to do with business, everything is personal. How many blood vendettas remain violently active and unresolved? The settling of old scores will be fun to watch, "when the green light is given" to family assassins. By the way Mr. Sinomania, red means go and green means stop in gookland.
Offensive anonymous whitey Taiwan triads no hold back by law abide air travel, ever here Bamboo Union? save old mindset comments for your war game chat rooms.
silly mister wu,

why am i not surprised that career communists like yourself hold membership in the bamboo union and asian league of butt plugs.

the mid 20th century land grab by mao tse is reversible and pride of place is second only to pride of blood.

expect some terror. violence wins.
Anonymous, constructive comments are appreciated here. Blather is not.
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