July 23, 2009

New US China Ambassador Promises "Robust Engagement"

Senate confirmation hearings are underway today for the appointment of Jon Huntsman, Jr., Republican Governor of Utah and former national co-chair of John McCain's 2008 campaign, as ambassador to China. Senators present, including McCain, have nothing but positive words for Huntsman who is expected to be confirmed as soon as next week.

Ambassador to China is a plum assignment and largely ceremonial. The pattern is to retain the previous administration's ambassador (typically someone with strong business connections) until a chosen successor is found. Huntsman is somewhat unusual because his background is all politics although he does have experience in the US Trade Representative office. He will be officially tasked to push Beijing on the usual topics such as "human rights" and the new Obama emphasis on "global climate change". Will he also communicate closely with occasional China hawk John McCain?.....


Sad that China never can do anything right and the US always wins!
Sending an American career-communist political hack to the capitalist Republic of China as ambassador is an unfaithful gesture. It will, however, meet Chairman Mao's approval. The hunter of man is a power hungry selfish parasite, man of letters, pretty boy, and a paper tiger.
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