July 06, 2009

Do Uighers "Yearn for Independence"?

News of the "bloodiest civil unrest since Tiananmen" in far western Xinjiang Autonomous Region, specifically the capital city Urumqi, comes primarily from two sources: western media (AP and British tabloids) and the Uyghur American Association based in Washington, DC. Dig deeper and most quotes and opinion on the street violence in Urumqi comes directly from the Uyghur American Association itself. The group supports something called the "Uyghur Human Rights Project" which is paid for by US taxpayer dollars. The Uyghur American Association is in fact the sixth largest recepient of National Endowment for Democracy (NED) grants on China.

The NED is Ronald Reagan's private diplomacy organization run from its inception in 1984 by a man named Carl Gersham. The NED supports 4 Uygher dissident groups. The amount of money and number of groups supported by NED in Xinjiang has been growing steadily for years and far exceeds the NED's efforts in neighboring Tibet.

Any news reports taking at face value information from the Uyghur American Association should be read CRITICALLY.

Incidentally, reports are that the unrest may have "spread" to Kashgar where one report quoted an eyewitness saying that there was shouting but "no violence."

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Yugaung claims The NED is a CIA front is this true? Unfortunately the links on that page are defunct.
Do Uighers "Yearn for Independence"?

the answer is NO.

a more insightful question is as follows:

what are the dominant psycho-social mob dynamics of malcontents, including the red shirt kid? i am not convinced the Uigher mob was easily manipulated and validated by ned cia mao tse ccp pol pig fbi hls atf lin chi com goo goo win and other desperate groups.

vive le terror, fear god, and do not forget to bring the guns if you want an effective revolution because dangerous and seductive political power comes out of the barrel of a gun.

your credibility is limited sir count because you forgot bla bla bla and esp bla.
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