July 22, 2009

COMAC ARJ21 Passenger Jet Flies to Xi'An

Late last week the 3rd and longest flight test of China Commercial Aircraft Corp. (COMAC)'s ARJ21 regional narrow body passenger jet was completed between the Shanghai assembly plant and an aerospace center in Xi'An where the ARJ21 will be further refined. COMAC says it has 208 orders for the plane and we will be on pace to deliver 30 in 2011 and 50 in 2012. The first airline set to receive the ARJ21 is Kunpeng Airlines, a regional division of Shenzhen Airlines, formerly part-owned by the troubled Mesa Air Group of Arizona.

Production of the ARJ21 is the first step in China's desire to become a competitor in the global aerospace industry. The ARJ21 competes directly with Embraer of Brazil and Bombadier in Canada. The later stage of the planned evolution is for Chinese big aircraft to be a "big 3" alongside Boeing and Airbus. Development of China's aerospace industry is a win for global business. The ARJ21 supply chain includes many American firms such as GE, the engine supplier, and Goodrich, United Technologies, Rockwell-Collins, Honeywell, Eaton Aerospace, and Alcoa, among others....

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do not invest in this company for months. profit sharing will be delayed by huge plane purchase.
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