July 23, 2009

The Cherkizovsky Chinese Pogrom

A delegation from Beijing including a Deputy Commerce Minister is in Moscow this week to discuss the crackdown by Moscow city and Russian police on Chinese traders at the giant Cherkizovsky market. Cherkizovsky is a huge wholesale market located outside central Moscow. Russian authorities claim it is a center of Chinese smuggling and have confiscated all Chinese goods and deported 150 Chinese nationals. Chinese in Moscow say it is a pogrom and fear their merchandise - valued up to $5 billion (US) - will be confiscated. Unraveling this mess will be key if recent talk of promoting Russia-China trade is anything other than words....

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Does this mean the Russians won the "Peace Mission 2009" war game and China lost? Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is obviously a very very influential and subversive mediator.
"Pogrom" is an exaggeration. Commercial "purge" is more appropriate and "fleece" is even better applied to the law enforcement response.
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