June 05, 2009

ChongQing Booms and Shops

Amid all the reports today of a deadly landslide in a mining area of southwestern China's mega city ChongQing is news that the municipality will go on a $8 billion foreign shopping spree searching the world for land and resources for its booming economy and approximately 30 million citizens. This week ChongQing also broke ground on the first ever Free Trade Zone inside China. Previously FTZ were located only along China's export-oriented eastern coast. The Cuntan Bonded Area will focus on processing industries and opening up the cities of the interior and western regions. Danish shipping giant Maersk will jointly develop the inland bonded port under a 2007 agreement....

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This is about the Tian an men article. Why doesn't China commemorate Tian an men or make a memorial to it? Why is Hong Kong able to commemorate it and the rest of China can't? It's unfair!
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