June 19, 2009

All A Twitter Over Iran

Beijing cautions Washington over intervention in Iran in an editorial in the China Daily saying attempts to push "the so-called color revolution" will prove very dangerous. The "twitter" or "green" or whatever "revolution" has opinion pages around the world buzzing with absurd comparisons between the turmoil in Tehran and Tiananmen 1989. But how many really understand the byzantine complexity of Iran's political system? An interesting editorial by a former Indian diplomat sheds some light on pieces of the Persian puzzle (link).

One thing is paramount: Iran is by this writer's estimate the 12th largest economy in the world and is number 2 in oil and gas reserves. Further, the population is very young and growing. There are around 70 million Iranian citizens representing a vast potential market for every type of consumer goods. Iran like China in the 70s will return to the world stage and what is really at play is who will benefit and share in Iran's future growth....

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