May 07, 2009

Open Thread - Start a Conversation

Sinomania! will be on important assignment for the next 2 weeks. Meanwhile, please feel free to click on this link and post a comment. It's an open thread (please keep it clean). Suggested key words to get you talking: Gwadar, Tumen River, Tier III cities, Asian Energy Security Grid, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Countervailing Duties, Anti-Dumping....

India, US hand-in-hand in Balochistan
India occupied Chinese land that was left by the British when it went independent. The British without Chinese permission or unequal treaty decided south Tibet as its colony.

Now the US is ganging up with India to force what was British barbaric action in the invasion of China.

This is just another of western brutality dressed as western democracy on yet another China invasion.

Check the history, check for the truth, DO NOT BELIEVE IN WESTERN LIES.
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