April 07, 2009

When Better Automobiles Are Built China Will Build Them

According to Gasgoo, GM may sell its Buick division to its Chinese partner Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. Buick has a long history in China. In 1928 GM began assembling Buicks in Shanghai, the first such auto production in China. During the Mao era, after China's attempts to start mass production of domestic cars failed, it was not uncommon to see old Buicks in Shanghai and other cities.

For many years Buick's official slogan was "when better automobiles are built Buick will build them," reflecting the long tradition of innovation at Buick (1st overhead valve motor, 1st automatic transmission, 1st mass produced V-6 engine, etc.).

China's auto industry suffers from excess capacity in some areas, disorganization, and needs greater consolidation - a goal of current industrial policy and current regulations. At the same time, however, China's auto industry is well poised to mass produce the newest and most innovative cars. It is only a matter of time before China becomes the world's main car exporter to growing markets mostly centered in Latin America, south Asia, and the middle East...

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