April 07, 2009

How China Frames the Pentagon's Debate

A Pentagon disinformation campaign is in full swing thanks to Congress at long last hearing the desires of most Americans to not spend $1 trillion each year on every conceivable weapons system for every possible war scenario. In order to ensure the military-industrial complex continue to eat 3/4 of the American pie the Pentagon needs a reliable bogeyman. That's where Iran usually comes in. But the likelyhood that Obama may highlight his Presidency with a "Nixon in China" moment with Teheran means Iran won't do. Enter China.

The latest news that a private Chinese citizen and trading firm is indicted for allegedly helping Iranian businesses get special metals and supplies for missiles is one in a series of news events that include the "Impeccable Incident" of Chinese fishermen mooning the US Navy. Will the drum beats continue all summer? Unless Lockheed Martin, et al, get what they want I suspect we'll hear a lot more about the looming Chinese 'threat'...

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