December 31, 2008

China to Build 5 High Speed Rail Lines in 2009

Xinhua is reporting that Beijing will spend nearly $88 billion (US dollars) on railway projects for 2009, double the rate of 2008. New rail projects include 5 passenger-dedicated high speed rail lines:

These rails will link the central city of Wuhan to the southern city of Guangzhou; Zhengzhou in central Henan Province to Xi'an in northwest Shaanxi Province; Ningbo to Wenzhou, both in east China's Zhejiang Province; Wenzhou to Fuzhou in southern Fujian Province; and Fuzhou to Xiamen, also in Fujian.

High speed rail will then link Xiamen - entry point to and from Taiwan - all the way to Ningbo, itself connected to Shanghai by a new massive bridge. The choice of these rail links seems specifically designed to hasten the economic integration with Taiwan.

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