October 20, 2006

So Happy Not Together

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice leaves Beijing for Moscow today capping off a frenzied effort to revive the "six party talks" on North Korea's nukes (minus North Korea). After her meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing Rice and Li wished each other "happiness" and revealed that the real focus of Ms. Rice is on forming another multi-party talks, this time on Iran.

There has been no rejection nor qualification from the USA of Chinese special envoy Tang Jiaxuan's declaration that diplomacy is the only option to deal with Pyongyang. Indeed, the American and Chinese response to the North Korea nuke crisis is characterized by a general weariness. Neither of the Koreas' putative parents seems that interested in finding a real solution to their 53 year-old custody battle. Of course the Chinese have no real concern in finding a solution. Kim Jong-Il's bombs now ensure that someday a reunified Korea won't feature American bases anywhere near the Chinese border. And besides, Kim now says he is "sorry." What parent wouldn't accept that?

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