October 01, 2010

MSM Discovers South-North Water Diversion Project

A flurry of news stories on China's longstanding ambitious plan to divert water resources from the Yangtze River basin north are gaining currency in the mainstream media. The source appears to be this report in Wednesday's LA Times. Most of the reporting is critical with China gatekeeper Orville Schell asserting that China is attempting to "re-plumb" the nation a task "no country" has yet done successfully.

Schell's comment is particulary odd given his location in northern California. What of the 700+ miles of canals and pipelines in the California Aqueduct system that bring northern California's water south? Or the Colorado River aqueduct that taps the Colorado River 250 miles east of Los Angeles? Both diversion projects had their critics and opponents before they were built directly by the US federal government in the 1930s.

See my April 2009 post on China's diversion project here...

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