September 24, 2010

Russia Says ESPO Price Stays

Russia's Deputy PM Igor Sechin denies rumours that the China National Petroleum Corp. was asking for a lower price for deliveries of crude oil from the Eastern-Siberia Pacific Ocean or ESPO pipeline. The reasoning was that since the spur into China was only 67 kilometers from the terminus why pay the ESPO price set at Kozmino far away on Russia's Pacific coast? Sechin said the official Russian-Chinese deal begins 2011 but until that time Russia would deliver 15 million tons annually at the regualar ESPO price.

With the ESPO and new Turkmenistan via Uzbekistan pipelines already open and the Myanmar(Burma) to Kunming and eventually Chongqing underway as well as crude lines potentially running through Pakistan, China is securing oil and gas deliveries free of the Straits of Malacca and more importantly the prying eyes of the US Navy off China's long and vulnerable coastline....

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