September 24, 2010

Guangzhou-Chongqing High Speed Rail Route Set

The new Guangzhou to Chongqing high speed railway will run through Nanning, capital of Guanxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and Guiyang, capital of Guizhou Province according to Radio China International. Already under construction is the Guangzhou-Nanning-Guiyang section. The Guiyang-Chongqing section will be a challenge as it must tunnel through the Guizhou Plateau but that stretch is scheduled to be completed by 2015! When complete passengers will travel from Guangzhou to Chongqing in only 6 hours versus over 20 hours currently. The high speed rail link will serve as a huge catalyst for spurring the development of the southwest and dispersing overcapacity in Guangdong Province...


Railway advance reservation period for Guangzhou is 11 days, including the date of journey. That means, passengers can reserve tickets on September 6 if they want to start the rail travel on September 16.
Advance reservation period for D train and Wuhan-guangzhou high speed train is 21 days.
Railway advance reservation period may be shortened to 3 - 5 days during the holiday season.
China has world's busiest railway network. If you buy the ticket on the date of journey, you will most likely get disappointed as tickets may be sold out. We recommend you to book your ticket in advance to make sure your journey will not be delayed.
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