June 18, 2010


My apologies for the two months of silence at this space on Sinomania! I am experiencing a spectacular loss. My partner of almost 13 years (actually we are legally married) died after a 5+ year fight with a rare cancer--ocular melanoma that metastasized. While his death did not come without warning it was nonetheless a shock and turned my world upside down. Not to be overly dramatic, I will be back, Sinomania! will be upgraded, and I plan to travel deep into China soon to report on what’s really happening with the world’s most beguiling and misunderstood giant. Meanwhile, please use the blog space to comment on the “news” of China presented by world media.

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That's sad! I hope your partner is having a nice time in heaven. I will love it if Sinomania has a branch in China and Taiwan Island.
my condolences, friend
good luck pulling through;
The I Ching Wisdom teaches us that death is a very natural thing. The first Greek philosophers such as Epictitus derived the same understanding. It is possible and speculated among my generation of scholars that the Greek stoics may have communicated with the mountain ascetics, the early Dao-ists, and round and round it goes. think about it all in Asian terms.
When You arrive China? Visit ChongQing and expereinces the real China of Sichuan and Yangtze River
Let the dead bury the dead.
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