April 01, 2010

Sinomania! on assignment - Open Thread

Sinomania! will be on assignment until next week. Use this post as an open thread. Treasury must report to Congress on Chinese currency in mid month. Will the Obama administration appease scared politicians up for re-election with a Chinese bogeyman and unleash a trade war?

[UPDATE: Camp Obama Punts - the Treasury Dept. said its semiannual statement on currencies will be delayed until after the G20 summit in June. When the USA put pressure on China at the Copenhagen Summit it nearly derailed the entire event. At last year's G20 in London China showed it is impervious to pressure even from her so-called peers. Good luck Geithner.]

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No body cares about the issue. Teabag types don't even care. Treasury does nothing. Reps and Senators bluster all summer long.
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