March 13, 2009

TRADE WAR: Obama's 'Imperfect' Bill Includes China Trade Block

Among the earmarks, pork, and other goodies in the 'imperfect' federal spending bill signed into law by President Obama on Wednesday is a restriction on poultry imports from China. US China poultry trade resumed in 2004 after a bird flu (and SARS) outbreak and former Senator Joe Biden of Delaware and Senator Mikulski of Maryland were very active in opening Chinese markets for their states' chickens. But USA imports from China did not restore in other words there was not 'tit-for-tat' the age old balance in China trade.
Now Chinese chicken will be completely restricted according to language in the new spending package. This is flat out protectionism and another dangerous sign that the US Congress - now with Obama's authority - may jeopardize USA-China trade relations. Beijing has signalled it my begin a WTO dispute in the matter...

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