March 09, 2009

Spy Ship Incident

Here we go again.

Joe Biden warned of an early international crisis for President Obama. Just a few months into his first term as President George Bush had the "spy plane incident" with China ultimately leading to a full apology from the White House.

This weekend the US Navy whined that while conducting "routine" (read: intelligence) operations south of Hainan Island (where the spy plane was allowed emergency landing) its ships were "shadowed and aggressively maneuvered in dangerously close proximity" by Chinese flagged vessels (only 1 of the ships apparently Chinese Navy). But who is the agressor here? If Chinese Navy ships began conducting "routine" operations 25 miles off San Diego how would the US Navy react?

The Pentagon needs a bogeyman. The so-called War on Terror is losing relevance to most Americans. Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts is pushing for a 25% reduction in military spending. As the US federal government debt balloons to countless trillions some in America are questioning the need to spend at least $1 trillion annually on its war machine.

In 2001 I pointed out the need to get to know China instead of looking for a fight. Sadly, I reiterate that call again today.

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