February 11, 2009


Stewart Parnell, owner of Peanut Corp. of America, the company at the center of a salmonella outbreak in peanut products, refused to testify to Congress today citing his 5th Amendment right not to self incriminate.
Reports are the company knew about salmonella tainted peanuts dating back to 2006 yet continued to process the peanuts. Mr. Parnell runs his company from offices behind his home in Lynchburg, Virginia. According to company "officials" the salmonella came from "organic Chinese peanuts." This should be a relatively easy claim to prove unless "family owned and operated" Peanut Corp.'s purchasing records are as flimsy as its quality assurance.
China was the number 2 supplier of peanuts to the USA in 2006 accounting for just under 17% of all peanut imports valued at almost $23 million...

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