August 08, 2008


This month's full moon won't occur until mid way between tonight's amazing XXIX Olympiad 2008 Summer Games opener and the closing ceremonies on August 24 but already journos, bloggers, and TV talking heads are at work pontificating, propagandizing, and proselytizing a lugubrious lunacy about China, NEW China, RED China, COMMUNIST China, CAPITALIST China, changing, 'in transition', age-old, threat, friend, 'peer rival', --well you get the drift and if not? Just go anywhere else over the next two weeks or so for your fair share of drippy, preachy, school-marmy commentary along the lines discussed above. In the meantime enjoy the competitions.

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Somewhere I read from the official Chinese triumvirate of,, and that Bush criticized China's religious policy from Thailand and Sweden's Red Cross attacked China's Tibet policy. However, I learned that Buddhism is atheist and Sweden's Socialists are also atheist. Therefore, Thailand and Sweden are atheist democracies!
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