June 03, 2008

China Telecom Mergers - Shanghai Talks Foreign Listings - FOREX - Taiwan - Sichuan Quake Update

full transcript at www.sinomania.com
Sinomania Episode 58 for June 2, 2008, looks at mergers and consolidation in Chinese telecom sector, major changes in Shanghai could see foreign firms listing share offers in China, business news, and an update on the economic impact of the Sichuan earthquake disaster.

Actually this is the one for June 4. Should China build a Tiananmen memorial?
I don't think it is possible for Beijing now. It took almost 50 years for the government of Taipei to acknowledge the 2/28 incident and there is no monument there - only reparations were made as a form of apology. The current regime, even though Jiang Zemin is now gone, is too close to the issue. It will be to a future Chinese regime to decide whether the events of June 4, 1989, should be memorialized.
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