March 28, 2008

Why They Hate China

A must read from Justin Raimondo of on the moral righteousness of the "Free Tibet" and "Save Darfur" crowd.

Some salient grafs:

After all, what if Chinese government leaders constantly reminded the world that the American Southwest was stolen from Mexico? Imagine the Chinese and Mexican ambassadors to the U.S. demanding independence, for, say, California – or better yet, its return to Mexican sovereignty! Shall the Olympics be forever barred from Puerto Rico, which was forcibly incorporated into the U.S. "commonwealth" in the invasion of 1898?

. . . . .

In short, the popular narrative of the pacifistic Buddhist Tibetans as the good guys and the Han Chinese as the bad-guy aggressors is the stuff of pure myth, pushed by union propagandists, lefty Hollywood do-gooders, and trendy sandal-wearing Western camp followers of the Dalai Lama, who has become a secularized yet "spiritual" substitute for Mother Theresa.


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I wonder why do the liberals and the overseas Chinese hate China?
My feeling is that these people need China to be a villain in order to contrast their sense of moral superiority. And it is so much easier to bemoan "abuses" far from your front door than deal with realities and injustices right at your feet. China haters see China only as an abstraction. Most of them would have praised China a generation ago and focuses their venom on the Soviet Union or somewhere else.
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