November 15, 2007

No Sign Of End to AD14 Outbreak

A virulent virus is on the attack in America with hundreds of cases, deaths racking up (well over ten so far), mysterious transmission, unclear mutation, and fatalities among the very young and otherwise healthy.

At this stage in the "SARS Crisis" of Spring 2003, the press of the Atlantic Alliance was in overdrive flooding the airwaves and newsstands with apocalyptic headlines about the new out of control pandemic emanating from China and threatening the world.

I saw then that the overblown coverage of "SARS" was a smokescreen to obscure the US-British invasion of Iraq. This is proven once again by the almost complete lack of interest in the various forms of Acute Respiratory Syndrome sweeping the USA. The latest information from the Center for Disease Control reveals it is worth public notice. But the so-called MSM would rather talk about tainted toys from China.

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